I thought I saw one of your photos on someone else’s website is that possible?

Well hopefully not… but you may have seen similar photos.  Just as I use a second shooter for some of my weddings, I also second shoot for other photographers.  Some of them are kind enough to allow me to use the photos I take for my portfolio.  I would never pass any of their photos off as my own and I would hope they would do the same for me.  So yes, it is possible to see photos of the same wedding on more than one website, but any photos I post anywhere are taken by me.  If they are not, I will insert a clause that says so.  Want to know some of the other great photographers I have shot with?  You can check out Still Moment’s photography in Petawawa, Blue Horizon’s photography and Phillipa Maitland photography both from Ottawa.

Do you have a studio?

No, I do not.  I have a home office and I work mostly with natural light and on location.

What types of photography do you do?

I shoot mainly weddings and engagements, but also do family sessions, portrait, high school seniors, head shots, maternity, and boudoir.   I tend to stay away from newborn sessions

How long does it take us to get our photos after the wedding?

Between 9 and 12 weeks, in the mean-time I will put up a little sneak peek on Facebook and Instagram as well as put together a blog post a couple weeks after your date, so you can see a nice variety of shots from the day.

How many photos will we receive from our wedding day?

I cannot give you an exact number, but I can safely say between 100 to 700 depending on how many hours we spent together and what package you chose.

Do you use Photoshop?

Yes I do.  I fully edit all your photos before you recieve them.  Some photos may have more editing than others.  For example;  the ones you choose to go in your wedding album will be looked over with a fine tooth comb, while photos like the guests seated at their tables will not require things like blemishes and stray hairs removed.  All photos will be edited for colour, contrast, white balance etc.  I NEVER give anything straight out of the camera.

Do you offer any photo products with your packages or just the cd?

Well I don’t offer a cd at all anymore.  Before you know it, that technology will go by way of the cassette tape.  I do offer a pretty little flash drive with high and low resolution images in combination with beautiful, professional photo products depending on the package you choose.

I also have an a la carte option for purchasing things like albums, canvases and collection boxes if they don’t already come in the collection you booked.

There are so many different vendors out there offering wedding services, I don’t know where to start! Are there any that you recommend?

Yes!  I have worked or networked with many different vendors. Contact me to discuss your needs and I will recommend the best ones for you!

How much time do we need for our bride/groom portraits?

In a perfect world, I would love at least an hour to spend with the both of you privately, but sometimes the wedding day doesn’t always run on time.  To ensure you both have adequate time together for the most relaxed portraits, I always like to suggest doing a first look.  It helps get rid of the jitters because you have already seen each other before the ceremony, it’s one less thing to worry about in your schedule, and you can enjoy your entire cocktail hour with your guests!

Do you recommend an engagement shoot? Do we have to do one?

No.  You don’t HAVE to do an engagement shoot, but I do recommend them.  Why?  Because it’s a nice way for the two of you to connect as a couple before the wedding.  It provides a much needed little break from all the planning and chaos, like going on a little mini date… just the two of you… um, and me.  It will give you a feel for how I shoot and we will get to know each other a little better so you both feel more comfortable with me on the big day!

Where are you located?

I am based in Ottawa, Ontario.  I live just outside the city itself, but service all surrounding areas.

Do you travel outside the Ottawa area for weddings?

Yes I do.  I will go just about anywhere around the world for your wedding.  I will just need plenty of notice (if it’s out of the country) and we will have to discuss the details for a custom quote.  If it is something a little more local, I charge .50 cents per kilometre outside of a 150 km radius.

Do you shoot with an assistant?

In most cases,  yes.  Depending on which package you choose, I may also have a second shooter, but I usually always have someone with me to help keep things running smoothly.

Is a deposit required?

Yes, I require a 25% retainer fee with a signed contract to hold your date, without those two things your date is only tentative and not set in stone.  The remainder of the service fee can be paid in full anytime between when you booked, up to 2 weeks before your wedding date.

How much does it cost to hire you for a wedding?

my packages Start at $2200 for 6 hours and go up from there.  If you don’t need that much coverage and want to book me for a few hours only, I will be happy to customize a package for you. Just contact me and I will furnish you with a custom quote.

Do your sell digital images?

People often seem concerned about getting digital images. Why? Because it’s what they are used to. What do you plan to do with them? Print them or just share them around on social media? I feel if you are going to invest in professional photography, you should get the best quality prints and products on the market, so you can show off your best you.

So back to the question: do I sell digital images? The answer is yes, I can but it is not the most economical way to purchase images from me.  Since I am now a full service photographer I am focusing all my efforts on getting beautiful products into your hands, with no hassle on your end.  I’ll even deliver to your door if I have to (local only)!

How far in advance should I book you for your services?

8-15 months to be on the safe side.  The sooner you book, the more guarantee you have on getting your chosen wedding date.

What if you are booked on the date we wanted?

Well, there are a couple things you can do.  A) bribe me with truck loads of cash and I’ll make the switch B) change your wedding date or C) I will be happy to recommend another awesome photographer I know to see if they can help you out… Uh A) was a joke of course… sort of…

If I want you to photograph my wedding, how do I get the ball rolling?

Booking with me couldn’t be easier. If you like you can head on over to this info page which will bring you up to speed and inform you about how to get started.