What? You don’t want to be trapped in a desk drawer in digital format never to be seen again?


I don’t want that for you either.

Keepsakes to treasure for a lifetime

Let me help YOU choose the way you want to present yourself to the world. Whether it be on a beautiful wall canvas, stunning prints in your very own custom designed collection box, or your story laid out in visual perfection within a book, there’s something special waiting for your personal touch.

Product Guide

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Why you should have one from your wedding day

There is a particular kind of comfort that comes from holding and opening a book. A book tells a story. It can be personal, exciting and we connect with books on a deep level.

You will feel a special connection when you thumb through the story book of your wedding day. The memories will come flooding back and you will enjoy reliving all the beauty, joy and tears you shared with your friends, family and spouse.
Your book will tell the story about the beginning of your life together, something to cherish always…

All of my wedding books are lovingly designed on archival paper, which means they will last for generations without fading or discoloring.  You can choose from a luxury leather cover or a more casual but elegant Linen covering.  All come in a multitude of colors.

There are Several sizes to choose from:





All books can be ordered à-la-carte in addition to any type of photo shoot.  A 12×12 Album is included in the price of the ‘Cherished’ Wedding collection

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Image Boxes


At one time or another, most of us have started a collection

Many times they are prized possessions we are proud to organize and keep in a special place until we want to show them to others. We keep them year after year and will proudly show them off whenever the opportunity arises.

An image box is a beautiful keepsake that will house your most prized images from your wedding day. Custom designed with either leather, fabric or an image wrapped cover, it will store up to 250 of your favourite images and keep them safe and free from fading for a life time. Sometimes we feel nostalgic and just want to hold those images in our hands. You want to look through them just like you did as a kid thumbing through your parents wedding photos that were tucked away in an old shoe box.  Unlike your parents old shoe box of memories, these modern, sleek, keepsake boxes will preserve your images for generations to come.

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Canvas Prints

Canvas Prints-WHCC

You belong in a museum

No, not because you are some ancient artefact (I would never insult you like that), but because you are a work of art. Imagine your favourite images in a beautiful gallery collection adorning your walls, reminding you daily of the beauty of your wedding day.

Canvases can be stylishly arranged to suit any space in your home

I can help you choose, design and measure the perfect collection for your walls. Whether it be one large image or a collection of your fondest memories coming together to tell the story of your day, we can easily make it a reality. Choose from the most popular sizes or get one custom made.

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